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Using keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts To avoid puzzling you, keyboard shortcuts are turned off by default in Terpsy. Once you've enabled them and started using them, it will be hard to go back to using just the mouse. The only shortcut that always works is hitting the Esc key to close a popup window. Keyboard shortcuts are the same on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Enable keyboard shortcuts

Customize Terpsy popup From your home screen, click on the "Customize Terpsy" link. When the Customize Terpsy popup opens, check the "Enable keyboard shortcuts" checkbox and click Save. The new setting takes effect right away, and you can start using the keyboard shortcuts listed on this page. (If you don't see this option in the popup, it just means that the Terpsy module you are using doesn't currently support keyboard shortcuts.)

The Escape key

Hit Esc to close popups The Escape key ("Esc") will hide popups whether keyboard shortcuts are enabled or not - same as clicking on the close button. If they're enabled, hitting it will exit out of text fields: if you hit a keyboard shortcut inside a text field, it will just type that letter. If you hit Esc first and then hit the keyboard shortcut, it will be recognized.

Navigation shortcuts

These shortcuts let you quickly go from one screen in the app to another:

h Go to home tab
c Go to calendar (more calendar-specific shortcuts are listed in the next section)
s Go to job search
Hit again to go to "job name" field
j Go to job editor
Hit again to create a new job
i Go to invoices
Hit again to go to "open invoice #" field
f Go to reports (mnemonic: Financial reports)
u Go to users
Hit again to go to search field
o Go to organizations
Hit again to go to search field
b Go to subaccounts (mnemonic: Billing subaccounts)
Hit again to go to search field
a Go to contacts (mnemonic: Address book)
Hit again to go to search field
Shift+c Go to consumers
Hit again to go to search field
L Go to locations
Hit again to go to search field
, Go to settings (the symbol is a comma)
z Go to activity tab
Hit again to load your agency's activity
[ Go to previous screen (same as browser-history back)
] Go to next screen (same as browser-history forward)

Calendar Shortcuts

These shortcuts access various tabs in the calendar, and can be pressed from anywhere in Terpsy:

c Go to calendar (and keep whatever calendar tab was selected)
d Go to Calendar (if needed) and select Day view
w Go to Calendar (if needed) and select Week view
m Go to Calendar (if needed) and select Month view
From Calendar screen, goes to the previous day / week / month
From Calendar screen, goes to the next day / week / month

Create-new-item Shortcuts

The following "n" shortcuts create new items. The item created depends on the current screen:

n In Home tab, opens the "New..." menu
n In Calendar tab, creates a new job
n In Job Search tab, creates a new search (clears all fields)
n In Job Editor tab, creates a new job
n In Invoices tab, creates a new invoiceable-jobs report
n In Rates tab, creates a new rate
n In Taxes tab, creates a new tax
n In Discounts & Fees tab, creates a new discount/fee
n In Users tab, creates a new user
n In Organizations tab, creates a new org
n In Subaccounts tab, creates a new subaccount
n In Contacts tab, creates a new contact
n In Consumers tab, creates a new consumer
n In Locations tab, creates a new location

Create other new items

These shortcuts create a new item, regardless of where you are in Terpsy:

e Create new event
Shift+m Create new message
r Create new reminder
t Create new task

Miscellaneous keyboard shortcuts

Here are a few more shortcuts, which can be activated from anywhere in the app:

/ Go to the current screen's search field (if any)
k Check for new messages
x On invoice screen, closes the current invoice
Shift+w Open "New..." menu (in the Home tab, hitting n does the same thing)
y Open "Terpsy" menu
p Open sticky note (mnemonic: Post-it)
? Open the list of keyboard shortcuts