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Email notifications

Email notifications Terpsy generates automated email notices, like the ones sent to qualified interpreters / transcribers after a new booking, and manual messages you send yourself, like emailing a client about a past-due invoice. All these messages are sent from the same email address, but the display name and reply-to address vary.

Display name

Display name in email notifications When messages sent from Terpsy reach your clients' inbox, they will appear as "Notification from [ blank ]". The "[ blank ]" text will either be your agency name, or the first- and last-name of a staff member. The reply-to information (what is populated when the recipient hits Reply), will generally match what you'd expect.

Reply-to addresses

Here's the break down for all notifications:

Here's a screenshot Terpsy's email client. The green "From" text tells you that the message will appear as coming from you (vs. your agency). Replies to that message will be routed to your email address: Terpsy's built-in email client