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Create calendar events

Calendar You can add events to your calendar, the calendar of staff members / interpreters / transcriptionists, the calendar your deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers when they log into their Schedule, and even to the customers calendar. Only staff members can create shared events, and only the agency owner can create group events.

Add an event to your calendar

Create new events from the calendar There are four ways of adding events to your calendar or someone else's:

Event options

Calendar event options First, type a name for your event: that's what will appear on your / others' calendar. Then, select a date. To create a recurring event, click on the green circular icon and click on each date you want while holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard. (Ctrl-clicking a selected date will deselect it.) Now pick a start-time and end-time.

Event recipients

Select event recipients By default, you are the event's recipient, which means that the event will appear on your calendar. Depending on your role and permissions, you may also see other options in the "Recipients" dropdown:

Edit an event

Edit an existing event If you are the agency owner, you can edit anyone's event, whether it's a one-time or recurring event: just click on it in the calendar. This include changing a name or description, or event deleting the event. If you are not the agency owner, you can only edit your own events: however, Terpsy shows the face (profile picture) of the person who created that event, so you can contact him/her to make any changes.

Delete an event

Delete an event from the calendar To delete an event, click on it as if you wanted to edit it. You will see a red "Delete event" button in the lower left corner: that button is always there if you are the agency owner. Otherwise, it only appears for the events you created. Once you delete an event, it will no longer appear on the calendar of any recipient. Deleting an event cannot be undone (but you can always manually re-create that event if needed).