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Importing your existing data into Terpsy

Importing existing data into Terpsy While you can manually enter your existing customers, contacts, etc. into Terpsy, we'd rather save you the trouble. We can quote you a fee to convert and import your existing data into Terpsy, so you can hit the ground running. This page goes over Terpsy's core data "objects" and the data formats that are easiest to import.

Overview of Terpsy's data

It helps to understand how data is stored in Terpsy. Below are the main "objects", and the minimum pieces of data we need for each of them. We can discuss what other data each object supports.

There are more "objects" in Terpsy, but importing them would be either difficult or time-consuming (costly). But importing your users, organizations, and contacts will give you a big head start.

Accepted data formats

Here are the most feasible data formats from which we can import your existing data into Terpsy. They are listed by order of ease of import, starting with the easiest data format: