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Customize default invoice notes

Default invoice notes To save time, Terpsy can automatically insert customer-notes on your invoices. (You can do that by going to Settings › Billing, and clicking on the Customer note button.) But you can also have some default, additional invoice notes for each of your clients: the organization itself, its subaccounts, or both.

Add a default invoice note for an organization

Add a default note for an organization This field came as a request from a sign-language agency with a community college as client: this school needed the same PO number to appear on all of its invoices. This school is set-up as an organization, with its colleges as subaccounts. By populating the default invoice with that PO#, and applying it to all subaccounts, invoicing now takes even less time! That PO# is automatically added below the default note (payment terms, etc.) You can view and edit that value by going to Organizations and double-clicking on the company you want.

Add a default invoice note for a subaccount

Change the default invoice note of a subaccount You can override the default invoice note for any subaccount to be blank (where other subaccounts have another invoice note by default), or use its own value, different from the organization and/or all other subaccounts. Just go to Subaccounts and double-click on the subaccount you want. Enter your default invoice note and click Save. The next invoice you create for this subaccount will automatically include that note.