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Cancelling a job

Cancel assignment To minimize the number of cancelled assignments, you can decline appointments scheduled by prospects and customers. Terpsy also tries to catch double-bookings, and avoid importing duplicate jobs into the calendar. For all other cases, clients can request a cancellation, and you or your staff can manually cancel unbilled jobs.

Customer-requested cancellations

Customer cancellation request In most cases, cancellations will come from customer requests: from their Account Manager, customers can request the cancellation of jobs that are at least "x" days away from now. That number is the number you entered in the "Min. days to cancel a job" field under Settings › Billing. Ideally, make that number of days match the number of days to cancel jobs at no cost. (This should be clearly stated in your service terms.)

Manually cancel a job

Customer cancellation message If a client requested the cancellation from Terpsy, the person selected as "customer contact" under Settings › Agency will get a message like the one you see in the screenshot. Click on the assignment name to load that job. Under the green Billing section in the Job Editor (bottom right), click on the "Mark job as cancelled" link.

Cancel a job When the popup opens, select whether this job is still billable or not. Then, enter an explanation (required), and click "Cancel this job". If interpreters / transcriptionists were assigned to that job, Terpsy will offer to email them, and let you edit the default job-cancellation message before you send it. This job will now show a red cancellation timestamp, and show an "Uncancel" link if you want to restore that job. If you chose to mark this job as not-billable, it won't appear in the list when you create invoices for that customer or subaccount.

Cancelling a series of jobs

Cancel recurring appointments In our example (earlier screenshots), the customer wants to cancel a college class. In that case, you wouldn't just cancel one assignment, but all jobs left in that series. To do that, use the batch-edit feature, and select "Cancelled status" as the field to batch-edit. The "billable status" and "billing notes" fields will automatically be selected, since they are also affected when you cancel a job. The rest of the process is the same.