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Customize your calendar settings

Calendar settings Besides the CRM (where staff logs in), Terpsy includes three modules, each of which has its own calendar. Go to Settings › Calendar to customize the information is shown on each of one - based on preference, or legal / privacy requirements. You can also decide whether to show the contact info of the assigned provider.

Show or hide providers' contact info

Show or hide interpreter's contact info If you are a freelance interpreter / transcriptionist, you probably don't want to redundantly show your contact info on all jobs in the customers or consumers' calendar. That information is already displayed on their home screen. If you are a multi-person agency, you may prefer that clients and deaf / hard-of-hearing consumers directly contact you, as opposed to your providers. To show the assigned provider(s)' contact info on each job, check the first two checkboxes; otherwise, leave them unchecked.

Show or hide info about assignment, consumer, or location

Show or hide information about consumers The rest of these checkboxes are pretty self-explanatory: check the ones whose information you want to show, and uncheck the ones whose corresponding information you want to hide. Most of them are just a matter of your preferences. The most important ones are those that deal with consumers' information: in that case, the less you show, the better. Privacy laws are very strict, and sometimes unclear: for academic assignments in the US, you have to comply with FERPA; for medical assignments, HIPAA applies.