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Adjusting an invoice (debits / credits)

Invoice adjustments You can set up all the fees and discounts you need. But for one-off credits or debits, you can use the "invoice adjustment" feature. It lets you enter an amount to add or deduct from the current invoice, with a description of your choice. If you charge sales taxes / VAT, note that invoice adjustments are always applied after taxes.

Create an adjustment

Adjust an invoice Open the invoice in question, and scroll to the bottom: right above the balance row, click on the "Adjust invoice" button.

Type a clear description: it will be visible by your client. Then, select whether the adjustment is a credit (an amount that will decrease the balance owed), or a debit (an amount that will increase the balance owed). Enter an amount, and click "Make adjustment".

When should you use adjustments?

Here are a few scenarios where you should consider adjusting an invoice - or not: