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Create and share documents with staff and providers

Terpsy features Terpsy comes with its own document editor to securely share information with other staff members and/or your interpreters and transcribers. Examples include billing guidelines, VRI / TypeWell set-up procedures, client-specific Zoom-calls credentials, etc. Terpsy lets you control who is allowed to view a particular document.

Viewing documents

Library of internal documents A "Docs" tab appears under Home in the CRM (where staff logs in) and in the Job Manager (where your interpreters and transcribers log in). Users will only see the documents they are allowed to see: by default, only the person who created the document is able to see it. Currently, only staff members can create documents.

Editing documents

Edit documents inside Terpsy By default, only the agency owner can create and edit docs. However, she can give any staff member's the permission to create and edit docs. Interpreters and transcribers can only view documents for which they were explicitly selected (see below). This lets you compartmentalize information, and your providers won't be overwhelmed by a library of irrelevant documents. Docs can be viewed and edited in the mobile app as well.

Controlling a document's visibility

Edit a document's visibility To control which staff and interpreters are allowed to view a particular doc, select their profile picture at the bottom of the doc editor. Click Save and the change takes effect immediately. Note that who can view a document and who can edit it are two separate settings (by design).