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Interpreter levels (certifications or special skills)

Interpreter levels Because each state has its own set of interpreter certification programs, Terpsy comes with a blank slate of "provider levels". A level can be anything you want: either a true certification like "BEI Advanced" (Texas), or a special skill like "Good with crowds". Levels restrict the visibility of open assignments to qualified providers.

Create or edit your levels

Customize your interpreter levels To create and edit your levels, go to Settings and choose "Providers". By default, you won't see any level. Click on the "New provider level" button to create one.

Type a name for your level, an optional description, and click Save. (To edit an existing level, just type over its name or description and click Save.) Levels and their name are only visible to you and your staff.

Assign a level to a provider

Select levels for an interpreter To assign one or more levels to a provider, go to Users and double-click on that provider (or click on its pencil icon).

Select as many levels as applicable and click Save at the bottom. Notice on the screenshot that we have "Financial Guru" as a level. This illustrates how flexible levels can be: you could use this level to only open up a particular job to interpreters / transcribers who have a financial background. Hide medical assignments from squeamish providers. Etc., etc.

Restrict an assignment to a specific level

Require a certified interpreter for this assignment One agency in Texas uses "BEI Advanced or higher" as a level. This means that any job marked with that level will only be visible to interpreters with at least that certification.

Practically speaking, it means that these interpreters have the "BEI Advanced or higher" checkbox checked in their profile.

That's the easiest way of requiring certified interpreters for a particular assignment.