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Interpreter scheduling software for sign language agencies

Terpsy is a CRM app for sign language agencies, freelance interpreters, and transcriptionists. It handles scheduling and billing, so you can focus on the side of your business you actually love. The name "Terpsy" comes from industry lingo: "Terp", short for "interpreter".

Interpreter scheduling software

Online booking

Online booking Terpsy includes a service request form you can embed on your website (or share a link to, if you don't have a website). It lets anyone schedule transcription or interpreting services from your agency. For your existing customers, it's even easier: from their Account Manager, they can book appointments in just a few clicks. Online booking ›

Review appointment requests

Appointment requests You are notified of all booking requests (whether posted by a customer, or from your website). But appointments don't go in your calendar until you have reviewed and approved them. This gives you a chance to make corrections, follow up with requestors if needed, or even decline bookings you can't fulfill. Review appointments ›

Interpreter scheduling

Interpreter scheduling From their calendar, providers can request appointments and recurring assignments for which they're qualified - based on mode of communication (ASL, TypeWell…), certification, gender restriction, job visibility (public/private), assigned group, etc. You can then schedule interpreters as you see fit. Interpreter scheduling ›

Consumer schedule

Consumer schedule From their Schedule app, your deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers can update their contact info, communication preferences, favorite providers, etc. They can see past and upcoming appointments in their calendar, sparing them from having to contact you with questions, while saving you time. Consumer schedule ›

Online invoicing

Online invoicing Billing a customer only takes a few clicks, because Terpsy already has all the information it needs. And since the process is near fully automated, small and large invoices are just as fast. Once you get the hang of it, creating and emailing (or printing) an invoice should take you under 10 seconds! Online invoicing ›

Desktop and mobile friendly

Desktop and mobile apps Terpsy is a web and mobile app designed for desktop computers / laptops, tablets, and your phone. Whether you are a freelance interpreter / transcriber or a multi-person agency, you can manage your business from the road. Whether you're on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, or Android - Terpsy's got you covered.