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Rates, taxes, fees, and discounts

Rates, taxes, fees, and discounts Terpsy billing is highly flexible: you can have plans for different clients, and each plan can have multiple rates. Rates can be charged by different units of time, and are auto-adjusted based on time-of-day, weekends, holidays, and advance notification (you should charge more for last-minute bookings than you do for appointments scheduled ahead of time!) Terpsy supports multiple VAT / sales taxes, and each rate has its own taxability. Terpsy also supports fixed ($) and proportional (%) fees / discounts.

Automatic rate calculations

Terpsy automatically generates invoice line items, so you might as well take advantage of calculations you don't have to make. Variable pricing can be applied to the same interpreting rate, based on:

Sales Taxes and VAT

Partially applying sales taxes to rates You can set up taxes to apply to your services. But you can also mark individual customers as tax-exempt, and control whether individual fees and discounts are taxable or not. You can even set certain services to be partially subject to taxes (as a percentage). You can set-up multiple taxes, pick a default one, and apply to invoices.

Fees and Discounts

Apply fees and discounts to invoices Here too, you can get as creative as you want: fees and discounts can be taxable (like a transcription set-up fee), or applied after-tax (a late-payment fee). They can be fixed (a specific dollar amount), or proportional (a percentage of the invoice). Once set-up, apply them to an invoice in two clicks.