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Messages, reminders, and tasks

Messages, reminders, and tasks Within Terpsy, you can send internal messages to staff members, receive them from customers / consumers / providers, set reminders, and create tasks for you and staff members. Various notices will go to your inbox: any appointment requests posted from your website, customer-posted jobs, etc.

Efficiently interact with your staff

Postpone an inbox message as reminder You can reply to internal messages, and the entire conversation stays inside Terpsy. That's fine for staff, who spends much of their day in Terpsy. But you can also reply to internal messages by email for people who only occasionally log into Terpsy: non-staff interpreters / transcriptionists, customers, and consumers. You can postpone a message until later, as a reminder, or reassign that message to another staff member.

Create and assign tasks

Staff tasks You and your staff and create tasks for yourself and others. Tasks will remain pinned to your Home tab until you delete them once they're done. Tasks assigned to you by other staff members display that person's picture instead of a task icon. Use reminders for time-sensitive to-do's - like a task that will only appear in the future.