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Customize your agency's settings

Agency settings You can tailor Terpsy to your agency: billing information shown on invoices, which staff members handle questions from customers, providers, and consumers, which sign languages you offer, etc. You can also configure things like provider groups, color-coded calendar categories, email templates, public notices for clients, etc.


Terpsy is designed to make your life easier, so it's highly customizable, to adapt to your agency's workflow - rather than the other way around. Here are the highlights:

Billing options

Billing settings Billing settings deserve a special mention, since they directly affect your bottom line: you can customize how late an appointment can be cancelled before it happens, how much notice you need for a booking, the maximum number of providers that can be booked for a single appointment - and much more. The challenge was to bring you all that billing flexibility while keeping Terpsy's core mission of absolute user-friendliness.