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Financial reports

Financial reports Keep track of how well your agency is doing, with financial reports.

Accounts receivable report

Accounts receivable report The accounts-receivable report displays all the invoices issued for the selected month, quarter, or year. The report is organized by organization and subaccount, sorted chronologically. It includes the current total, original balance, and indicates past-due status. A one-line summary helps you visualize amounts billed owed vs. billed.

Cash receipts report

Cash receipts report The cash-receipts report shows all payments you received, chronologically, and broken down by period (if you selected a year or quarter as time period). If you run your agency with the cash-basis method of accounting, this is a helpful report when you file your income taxes annually, or quarterly with VAT / sales-taxes filling.

Aging report

Aging report (pastdue invoices) The aging report displays all past-due invoices, grouped by organization and billing subaccount (e.g., the departments in a medical center or university). It also shows you the "past-due age" of each unpaid invoice: 0-30 days, 31-60 days - all the way up to 90+ days. The invoices' original due-date is also shown.