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Online invoicing

Online invoicingBilling a customer only takes a few clicks, because Terpsy already has all the information it needs. And since the process is near fully automated, small and large invoices are just as fast. Once you get the hang of it, creating and emailing (or printing) an invoice should take you under 10 seconds.

One-click invoices

View billable jobsTerpsy shows you all billable jobs, broken down by organization and subaccount. (Subaccounts let you share contacts / locations / consumers between different departments of the same customer: a university, local government, medical center, etc.) Select a billable entity, the unbilled jobs to invoice, and the rest is automated: publish the invoice, send the generated email, and you're done!

Overriding billing defaults

Assignment details Terpsy lets you override billing defaults on a job-by-job basis: custom billing duration (separate from scheduled duration), ability to mark jobs as not-billable, adding pass-through charges like mileage or parking fees terps had to pay to provide the service, etc.